Helios - The Macedonian Warrior
Element Air

Macedonian 4

Helios never did find out who won the Battle of the Persian Gate. Trapped on a narrow mountain pass, as Persian forces rained down boulders, this tactical genius had just devised an ingenious pincer attack when he slipped into an icy ravine and found himself in the Wildlands.

No. Element Rarity Max Lv. Set
Air ★★★★★★ Empire Founders
Physical Elemental HP Armor
Base unknown unknown unknown Heavy
Leader Skill: Air Boost
30% Air Damage boost to all Air Warriors.
Special Move: Team Strike
(Level 4)
Draws health from your entire team to strike the enemy.
How to Obtain
Additional Information & Notes
Year: 330 BC
Fighting Facts:
Crazy Roman Emperor Caligula dug up Alexander the Great's body and stole the Macedonian hero's armor so that he could wear it. Kinky!

Stats By Level Edit

Level Physical Elemental HP
12 85 21 180
21 156 39 341
22 167 41 355
23 179 44 390
24 191 47 418
25 205 51 447
26 219 54 478
34 377 94 822

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