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This warrior is seasonal, cannot be trained or upgraded, and is only available for use for a limited time.
Kringle - The Festive Fighter
Element Water


Dashing through the snow, Kringle was delivering gifts to well-behaved warriors when a treacherous elf took him by surprise and stuffed him down a chimney. As the fire below began roasting his chestnuts, this wintry warrior passed out and woke up in the Wildlands, where he now appears but once a year.

No. Element Rarity Max Lv. Set
Water ★★★★★★ Seasonal
Physical Elemental HP Armor
Base unknown unknown unknown Light
Leader Skill: Air Guard
Team receives 15% less Air damage
Special Move: Ice Storm
(Level 2)
Freeze all enemies with Water power!
How to Obtain
  • For all players to use from December 20, 2014 till January 6, 2015
Additional Information & Notes
Year: 1822 AD
Weapon: Axe
Likes: Jingling Bells
Dislikes: Brussels Sprouts
Festive Fact:
Hacking through frozen wastes for centuries has sharpened Kringle's axe so now it's ready to deliver some festive fear to Boneshaker's minions!

 The Israel's King

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