McCabe - The Gallowglass Mercenary
Element Earth


Summoned to the Wildlands after kidnapping the son of a prominent landowner, McCabe now wonders what became of the lad because his conscience finally kicked in and he had already decided to release him without collecting his usual ransom of nine sheep and a barrel of ale.

No. Element Rarity Max Lv. Set
Earth ★★★★★★ Mercenaries
Physical Elemental HP Armor
Base 136 34 282 Heavy
Leader Skill: +30% EARTH damage to all of your EARTH warriors
Special Move: Armor Break
(Level 2)
Attack opponent and weaken their Armor!
How to Obtain
Temple of Epics
Additional Information & Notes
Year: 1571 AD
Fighting Facts: Gallowglasses were elite mercenary warriors who fought for various European armies and often served as personal bodyguards to military leaders.

Stats By Level Edit

Level Physical Elemental HP
28 269 67 555
29 288 72 594
30 308 77 635
31 329 82 680
32 353 88 727
33 377 94 778
34 404 101 833

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