The Portal of Seasons can be found on the Lonely Isle. Visiting the Portal allows the player to fight in special battles that have an increased chance of rare materials used for Crafting and Evolution appearing in. The Portal teleports the player to different locations around the World, including some they may not have seen before.

Fights at the Portal of Seasons typically cost a lot more than regular fights and are often much trickier to fight. However, the rewards on offer mean it's usually a far better idea to wait for a specific day and farm as many materials as possible on that day than to grind regualr map nodes.

Here is the weekly calendar of events at the Portal of Seasons.

Day Event Name Comments
Monday Plentiful Bounty Common Materials drop at increased rate.
Tuesday Fire Day Fire Materials drop at increased rate.
Wednesday Earth Day Earth Materials drop at increased rate.
Thursday Air Day Air Materials drop at increased rate.
Friday Water Day Water Materials drop at increased rate.
Saturday City of Gold Gold Coins accumulate at much greater rate.
Sunday Veterans Day Warriors gain XP at 3x usual rate.

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