Ramraider Prelude

Ramraider before his boss fight.

Ramraider is on of the recurring Skull Bosses in World Of Warriors. He is the very first boss fought in the game.

Dialogue ( Entering Greendeep Valley )

'Pfft, Kalaban'... I thought you were still cowering under a rock by Cloud Lake! You and this FOOL 'x' are probably after the portal.Too bad you wont make it. My cutlass is forged from the steel of a thousand victims' swords...soon it will slash your innards into ribbons! For I am RAMRAIDER!


VS Ramraider

Zenghis fighting Ramraider.

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Other Information

On certain occasions in the Temple ( and only in the Western Door ) Ramraider is available as a warrior ( if the player is lucky ). He is not available anywhere else.


Ramraider Stats ( Playable )

Ramraider as a playable warrior.


Ramraider in Greendeep Valley.