Slice Stats

Slice's stats in her first fight.

Slice and Dice are two females that together make up the fourth boss in the game World of Warriors. Alongside Ram and Boar, they are recurring bosses too, appearing firstly in Midnight Forest and The Citadel.


They both have some sort of a childish character, which is evidenced by their quotes. ( see below for the dialogue ). Their deceitful language belies their true ambitions, which is to wreak havoc in the Citadel.
Dice Stats

Dice's stats.


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'Ooh. look Slice! Our new playthings are approaching! Hmmm...not particularly ravishing but they'll do for a quick tussle!'

'You said it Dice...we need some action! Sometimes I wish we were back north, assassinating traitors for the master. Now that WAS fun!'

'Cooey, are you coming out to play? My sister and I are looking forward to serenading you...while playing chippity chop on your quivering corpses!

'Ooh, can I draw the blood? I've never skewered a warrior from another realm... the Farlands, I think they call it!'

'Heehee! I don't think much of yours, Dice! The old guy looks quite suave but I'll bet he hasn't seen any real action in decades!'

'Cheeky minx...I respect my elders! That's why I'm gonna execute the old geezer first...just as soon as we've ransacked this Citadel!'

Before their Boss Fight

Yay! Look Dice...our playthings are finally here, Aw, they look pretty determined, even heroic.How...sweet! Let's PARTY!'

After their Boss Fight

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with C... yep it's the Citadel! What a pity you're going to be human shish kebabs before you make it there.'

'We know a song about that, don't we Slice! Let's hum the tune while we're slicing and dicing them into bitesize chunks. Mmm, can i have the Farlander?'



Slice's Boss Card.


Dice's Boss Card.