Yolka Crazy!

aka Adam

  • I live in in an apartment
  • I was born on June 18
  • My occupation is dunno
  • I am a spammer lol
  • Yolka Crazy!

    Hello citizens of the WOW Wikia. I am Yolka Crazy, an enthusiastic fan who just LOVES updates. I bet you guys get a lot of updates to your game. That's great. What ISN'T great is that Mind Candy have been SHOWERING you with all the glory. You guys get everything, while Moshi Monsters get nothing. Literally, nothing. I am tired of Mind Candy treating Moshi poorly while you guys get the long end of the stick. We have sit quietly for ELEVEN months. No. Scratch that. We have NOT sit quietly. We often speak out about this problem. But we just get promises, and no solutions. I beg of you, show some mercy towards us, and help us get the glory again. We used to share it with you. Why can't we do that  again? Please, please sign this petition to he…

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